A couple sights that may be of interest to you...

www.thespiritedword.blogspot.com - This is an online devotional I'm putting together for our church. It's just a simple morning reading through different books of the Bible for the purpose of encouragment and enlightenment. There are 10 writers from our church that are joining together to provide a weekly writing from Monday to Friday. If you want to get into reading God's Word and need a place to start...join us as we walk through the pages of Scripture together.

www.independentbands.com/cd/jasonholdridge/pursueme.html - I was accepted to this sight last week and if you want to listen to the album, write a review, or purchase the album, it's a great spot to do all of the above. It's actually cheaper than it's sold elsewhere. They have a low-price policy that you have to adhere to in order to sell on their site. So avail yourself of that if you so desire.

www.jasonholdridge.com - This next week the website should be pretty much completed. There will be links to my favorite quotes, my weekly messages, and pictures and writing about my wife and kids. Surf over to this site if you have time and check it out.

www.myspace.com/holdridge - This is another spot to listen to the music and dive into my world a little bit. It has a place to leave comments and crude remarks to if you need to vent some pent up frustration at someone. Let me be the punching bag. Seriously, it's a little space on the internet to connect with my world and the world's of many of my friends that have locked arms with me.

www.onefiftythree.com - this is one of my good friends who partnered with me on this project. I'm with his label and owe him a great deal of thanks for all that he's done to encourage my heart on this journey.

Thanks a bunch for your continued friendship...



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