Dancing with my Daughter...

The night was set, a royal ball
announced to every girl
in second grade the call goes out
throughout the halls of school.

"Bring your dad!" the poster says
"and dress with greatest care,
wear the finest gown you have,
and decorate your hair."

So as the day drew ever near
my daughter's eyes grew wide
I saw a sparkle in her face
a lightness in her stride.

Finally the day had come
and love was in the air,
My daughters squeel filled every room
her joy was everywhere.

Her dress was radiant and white
her hair put up in curls,
her legs were covered with her tights,
her neck was laced with pearls.

I walked toward her and leaned to kiss
her little princess face,
She looked at me with happy eyes
and leaned toward my embrace.

She asked me if I couldn't wait
to dance with her that night,
I told her that I'd thought all day
of what it would be like.

She told me that this night was all
that she could think about,
All day long inside her school
she wanted to get out.

I found my suit and matching tie
and dressed to look my best,
I wanted this to be a night
that we would not forget.

We had a meal in candle light
with goblets filled with juice,
And as we ate this filling meal
she buckled up her shoes.

(I will continue this tomorrow...this was an awesome night...)


Pokey said…
I remember these nights. As there were three girls in my family, we always took my grandpa too. Being the middle child, I never got to go to a Daddy Daughter Dance without one or both of my sisters, but I always had fun and I remember how much I always looked forward to those nights.

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