atmosphere...a note to the band

a note to my band...

I'm sitting here in the coffee shop sipping my morning necter and listening to the rumblings of those around me. Music softly playing in the background, a stiff breeze hitting the face every time someone opens the door. Art hung on the walls speaking beauty and design into the's one of my most favorite atmospheres.

Atmosphere is huge. You can't say enough about its importance. Creating environments is the call off any leader...whether they be worship or otherwise. There has to be an intentional purpose to set a tone, create a feel, to set a mood. I know when I've been in a place the cares about ambiance...I instantly feel warm and welcomed. Barriers come down and the threatening tenticles of awkwardness and unfamiliarity start to loosen and fall to the ground. Everyone walks into a "place" and instantly feels something. It could be cold, inviting, distant, personal, disconnected, stale, vibrant, full, empty, overwhelming, relaxing, frightening, freeing, real, conjured, repelling, attractive, deep, shallow, colorful, bland, modern, old-fashioned, relevant, ridiculous, monotone, over-the-top, gracious, rigid, leniant, stringent, friendly, abrasive, dim, bright, loud, quiet, artistic, banal, beautiful, ugly, unpredictable, same-ole-same-ole, heavy, funny, engaging, unnervong, etc. All these things flood into a person's soul immediately making impressions that either soften or harden the inner man.

We can't overlook the atmosphere we are creating in worship. We just can't. We have to thinking about creating an experience for others to participate in that draws them into an adventurous journey with God. The music we choose, the way we play it, the looks on our faces when we play our instruments or lift our voices, the look of the stage, the placement of people, everything down the most infintesimal details matter. I can't encourage you enough to come into the weekends filled up and ready to "create an atmostphere" for God to move and people to be moved in. This is a collective agreement that must be embraced by the whole of the band in order for a natural freedom to fill the room and then the heart.

If it's not happening in the room, it rarely will happen in the heart.


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