10 years...

Heidi and I shared our 1oth anniversary together yesterday. It was awesome. It was everything I hoped it would be. Our time was filled with retelling old stories and reflecting on the things we love about being married to each other.

In the first month of our marriage I distinctly remember wondering if we could keep things fired up or if we would cave in to the crusty and cold emotions of familiarity like so many who enjoy/endure this blessed institution. I remember wondering if things would honestly get better or if we were at the peak and it would be a test of will power from here on. So many relationships at best stay together with little to no passion, at worst they wilt and fracture leaving hurt, hatred and hell to pay. Would sex get better or go south? Would our conversations get predictable and pressured? Would laughter be replaced with resignation? Would our children witness us leading independent lives like so many? Would we shift focus to running errands, paying bills and being on time for appointments? Would our attraction turn to tolerance? These are things that filled my mind in the beginning, not because it was already showing signs of atrophy, but because I couldn't help but look around me and fear the worst based on the bleak performance of American Marriages. (unfortunately throwing the adjective Christian in there doesn't make much of a difference)

But I'm here to tell you that marriage has never been better. Our trust of each other has never seen a better day. Our conversations are deeper, truer. Our home is filled with more peace and freedom. Our bedroom has never witnessed such passion. Our attraction to each other is over the top. Our girls aren't just seeing the permenance of marriage, they are seeing the pleasure of it. Our dates are just as enjoyable and refreshing. Our laughter still hurts our abs. Our tears still flow in the presence of each other when we're needing to vent. Our hope is still in tact. Our love is still abiding. I can't speak for others, but if I were to give a "State of our Union" it would be summed up with the word, "Matchless". I know of no one else who has it any better.

I can look at a couple just getting married and say with all honesty, "It's better today than ever." It feels good to say that and mean it. I couldn't stand the thought of offering false hope to people.

Last night was awesome in everyway. From the shopping, to the dinner, to the movie, to the bedroom and off into a peaceful night of sleep...I felt like we celebrated appropriately. I can't wait for the next ten years. I love you Heidi...for all my days, with all my heart.


Eric said…
What a great testimony of love!! I'm fresh into the marriage relationship - 3 months - and it's awesome to look down the road in the lives of others and have such a great hope of expectation for our own relationship. Truly...praise God!

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