You wanna know what really lights my logs? Springtime.
The aroma of thawing earth.
The songs of mating birds.
The emerging of green grass.
The movement of flooded streams.
The awakening of dormant wildlife.
The suspense of the hanging tire swing.
The noise that fills the woods at night.
The vibrant blue skies covering the planet.
The resplendant sunsets stretching across the horizon.
The furry buds covering the tree branches.
The raging waterfalls trying to give relief to swelling rivers.
The fragrance of what seems to be the purest of oxygen.
The color of a cardinal purched in an ash tree calling out for his orange-beeked lover.
The sound of branches rubbing up against each other in the evening breeze.
The joy of the girls as the play in the yard unfettered and free from walls.
The way my wife's hair glissens in the morning sunrise.
The smell of the first lawn being mowed.
The Magnolia bud's starting to bloom.
The geese migrating back to the marshland.
The pollen floating through the air.
The soft sod under bare feet.
The first bonfire with the family.
The feel of my sandels in between my toes.
The smiles on faces as you drive through town.

The long winter is giving in to demands of spring. I, for one, couldn't be more filled with mirth. It's these sorts of things that keep me alive.


pianoman said…
jason, sometimes i'm amazed at how similar our hearts are... you're constantly writing my thoughts, or - in this case - my own blogs...

God bless you, brother...

David Cortner said…
I like the "new look" but..."you have never done it that way before..." did you get approval?

Dad C

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