the way of a man with a maiden...

Proverbs 30:18-19
18 "There are three things that are too amazing for me,

four that I do not understand:
19 the way of an eagle in the sky,

the way of a snake on a rock,
the way of a ship on the high seas,
and the way of a man with a maiden.

Guys say they don’t like “chick flicks” because they have to. An admittance of anything but disdain for girly movies would get you hazed in the little boy’s bathroom by a crash of manly rhino’s. They say they gag at the sight of kissing. But, boy, do they love kissing! They can’t stand the syrupy one-liners, but I’ll be darned if they aren’t spinning their own when captured by “the beauty”. They scoff the ways a woman can get a guy to lose all sense of reason, yet when put in a similar situation, they start acting out like a housecat drunk on catnip. They say they aren’t drawn to sappy love novels and romantic films, but just peek around the corner when they aren't looking and watch them flip through the cable channels sometime…you won’t believe the places that stop them dead in the tracks…all I can say is “Hallmark”. Guys say a lot of things, but deep in their bowels, they are bewitched, body and soul, by the woman…she has a way of turning him on his head and getting him to whistle Dixie.

The way of a man with his maiden should evoke something so unspeakable and incomprehensible that it leaves people stunned in amazement. The treatment of the woman should be so delicate and yet so robust that it calls into question the rapture of any other object. The “way of a man” should confound philosophers and stupefy intellectuals. There are few things so intoxicating as the way of a man with a woman. When it’s right, there isn’t anything more right in the world. And as we discussed in the blog, an unloved woman, when it’s wrong, there couldn’t be anything more out of alignment in all creation.

A man who loves a woman is amazing beyond logic.
The “way” he rubs her back.
The “way” he looks into her eyes.
The “way” he watches her from across the room.
The “way” he smiles at her when she walks toward him.
The “way” he talks to her in his “baby” voice that only they share.
The “way” he laughs with her about simple things.
The “way” he cries when she is questioning her love for him.
The “way” he halts when she doesn’t know if she agrees with him.
The “way” he whispers into her ear in a crowded room.
The “way” he tilts his head when he leans forward to kiss her lips.
The “way” he handles her heart when she shares her dreams.
The “way” he listens to her as she talks about her day.
The “way” he fights for her when she’s under attack.
The “way” he interlocks his fingers with hers as they hold hands.
The “way” he gets weak in the knees when she flirts with him.
The “way” he stutters when he’s nervous in conversation with her.
The “way” his heart pounds when he’s asking her to marry him.
The “way” he praises her to others in conversation.
The “way” he cleans up his act when she’s going to be around.
The “way” he asks her permission to go out with the guys. haha.
The “way” he adores her in public and adorns her in private.
The “way” he pants for but the touch of her warm body.
The “way” he forgets about everything else in the heat of her love.

This “way” of which I speak is none other than the consummate picture of God with the crown of His creation, mankind. And when it drips with the dignity of its design, it is unrivaled in its ability to baffle its beholder.

There are times when I feel that my wife holds a power over me that is dangerous, otherworldly. It seems weird to say it like this, but it’s almost like I’m under a spell at times in her presence. Spellbound. The enchantment of this relationship causes me to read this verse and know exactly what the author is referring to. I don’t, nor will I ever, understand the way of myself when I’m with my maiden…she takes me places I love to be. What else can I do but chain myself to her heart?


DanielSon said…
Thanks for posting your heart and your buried treasure for all to see. Moving into engagement and soon marriage has been exciting and frightening to me. Several of your posts recently have spoken into my heart in amazing ways buddy. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Ill talk to ya soon bro.
Jecca said…
this brings me to tears...
Seaside Ryan said…
If this kind of talk doesn't forcefully advance the Kingdom of God in the hearts and minds of people... I don't know WHAT will!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
i wished my husband loved me

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