Doughnuts with Dad...

This morning was the special day
Where daddy’s go to school,
To eat some doughnuts with their kids
Who think they’re really cool.

My daughter, Aly, couldn’t wait
To munch some Crispy Creams,
For weeks on end this day has been
The topic of her dreams.

Each day this week she’s talked about
How much she cannot wait
To wake up early and go to school
For a special daddy date.

Her mom had dressed her up so cute
And pulled her hair up tight,
Her recent tan was glistening
Beneath the bathroom lights.

Her face was beaming with delight
As she glided down the stairs
She glanced at me with joyful eyes
and climbed up on her chair.

“We don’t much need our breakfast, dad”
“We’re having doughnut holes.”
“I’m so excited” she squealed with glee
You could see her soul unfold.

I grabbed her hand and headed out
To get into the truck,
She pranced her way across the lawn
With effervescent pluck.

I backed the truck out of the drive
And headed toward the town,
I grabbed her hand and laughed with her
Acting like a clown.

Her little fingers clung to mine
So soft and cozy warm,
Her face was wide awake with life
Each word was filled with charm.

When we arrived and parked the car
She climbed across my seat,
I could tell she couldn’t wait
To see her morning treat.

The classroom teemed with dads and kids
Sitting in their chairs,
Wolfing down their crispy creams
As happy little pairs.

Aly’s teacher greeted us
And showed us to the food,
We got our doughnuts and our juice
And joined the festive mood.

It wasn’t long before the kids
Stood up and sang a song,
They belted out a simple tune
So tender, yet so strong.

I felt a tear come to my eye
As I watched my little girl,
Her mannerisms captured me
I was lost inside her world.

She closed the song and ran to me
I drew her to my chest
Whispering my love for her
I said, “You are the best”.

I kissed her soft and supple skin
And stroked her silky hair
Taking in each sight and sound
Breathing childlike air.

Sometimes I find myself choked up
Watching Aly live,
She thinks of things that I forget,
And sees things that I miss.

I hope to never lose
The wonder that she exudes
To harden dry with time
and let the dark intrude.

As I felt my little girl
Propped upon my knee,
I prayed that I would always see
The dad I need to be.

Making room for little things
And living out a story
That fans to flame my daughter’s heart
And lets her see her glory.

So on this balmy day in June
I want the world to know,
That Aly Grace is beautiful
And makes her daddy glow.

I love you, Aly.


mama2dibs said…
That's beautiful! That makes me cry. I'm so glad my little girl is outside playing with her daddy and they can have some time to just enjoy each other. They grow up way too quickly! Some days I hate this age called the "terrible two's" but other days, I just want them to stay forever.
Teresa said…
Jason, that was beautiful!

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