I'm out of my mind...

2 Cor. 5:13 - "If I'm out of my mind it's for the sake of God, if I'm of my right mind it's for you."

There are times when it takes a trained, seasoned theologian to understand certain concepts within the sacred text of Scripture. Other times, you just have to have a pulse, an optic nerve and the often overlooked ability to laterally move your eyes back and forth across a still piece of parchment.

This verse seems to prove the latter.

I love that God makes it very clear that insanity is a Christian virtue. You have to be nuts to live for God on certain days. It takes such ridiculous faith to carry on with your values. It takes an inability to connect with human reason and rudimentary logic. You have to disregard obvious odds and push forward without a snowballs chance in hell of making a dent in the day's tragectory. You have to lose your marbells when you wake up in the morning and advance into overwhelming opposition that stands against your youthful optimism and your unconditional love. You have to be one fry short of a happy meal to think that you, of all people, can stand out and stand up in a world of 6.5 billion human beings and push back the darkness.

I find a warped sense of encouragement in verses like this that seem to indicate that "losing it" is part of "having it". If you don't feel like your about to go crazy, it's a real possibility that you're not walking with the living God.

On the other hand, the verse also states that when I'm in my right mind, it's for the sake of people. You know how popular it is to be deranged? Not so much. It's important in society to be civil and to hold it together, giving off airs of uniformity and solidarity. Calm, cool, collected as they say. Composure is correct.

Have you ever felt yourself bitting your tongue or editing your true feelings to maintain an impeccable reputation with the general population? Have you ever felt a keen sense that you are actually pressing on with an unreasonable life? The best kind of unreason, yet unreason nonetheless. Do you ever say to yourself, "Self, we are not right in the head for continuing to chase after the kingdom paradigm. Self, are you listening to me! It's time for some level-headed, no-nonsense dialogue about the odds we're defying here! Your movement toward God is non-sensical and foolhardy...do you see where I'm going with this? Don't you want to mull this over and come to your senses with the rest of the planet? Come on, Self, let's go to therapy."

I'm out of my mind, for God's sake!

I'm out of my mind to think that I can make a difference, change the course of history, add value to the life of another, turn the tide of evil, quell the negativity, check the plague of pessimism, raise warrior-daughters, protect my wife's heart and make her radiant, befriend men and join forces against sexual impurity, cut the legs out from under apathy and indifference, intimidate the forces of darkness with the name and blood of Jesus himself. I'm on the verge of a breakdown if I feel any bit of hope that I have a fraction of a chance to make a change in the world...

And yet...I think just maybe I'll try...

anyone else game?


Jody said…
I'm with you. I so hear what you are saying, and I 'get it'. Chip Engram has a great series and book titled "Holy Ambition" (here is a link to some of the message notes-
and I have to tell you, it is so true. God isn't looking for the brightest and the best, but rather for those who will 'drop their nets' against popular opinion, or better personal judgement...and simply Follow Him.
I'm striving toward that end everyday. Seems so simple. Sounds so easy...and yet at times, it is the hardest thing I have ever done and continue to do in my life.
Praying for you and your family as you seek to be used by God. For His purpose and glory. As Steven CUrtis Chapman sings, "There's no better place to be than on the road that leads to Heaven". Grace and mercy on your journey!
Nancy Peacock said…
The Holy Spirit used your words to stir my spirit.
May it be as you have written.
I'm with you!

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