Hogwash from Hell...

I love getting these emails from complete strangers who, in a self-congratulatory way, create their own "Nobel Peace Prize" of sorts and proceed to hand it out to complete strangers across the globe via email to give them a bloated sense of self-importance.

I have to admit, I'm honored to be considered one of the worlds most accomplished individuals.  The only difficulty in me accepting this invitation to throw my name into this honored hat with some of the worlds most luminary leaders is that this "Chris Jespersen" has never met me, and furthermore, this "Chris Jespersen" may not, in fact, actually exist.  

But he/she accomplished his/her goal in sending this email blast.  They got my attention.  I read their email.  I dreamt of what it would be like to win such a prestigious award, all the while knowing that it's a bunch of bunk like most of the unsolicited affirmation given to us by "figments of our imagination".  The scarier reality is that I have these sorts of conversations in my head with my diabolical-ego all the time whispering to me how amazing I am and how unique I am and how lucky people are to know me and how the world wouldn't be able to carry on without me.  I have a "Chris Jespersen" living in my head trying to convince me that I'm "special", and furthermore, I'm more "special" than I know or other people know for that matter. It's hogwash from hell.  Hogwash from Hell, I tell you.

So without further ado, here's the generic email I received this morning to stimulate my ego, like it needs any more stimulation than our consumeristic culture already gives it (you owe it to yourself, you deserve it, you're better than that, etc.).  Thanks, but no thanks.


Dear Jason,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion into the 
2009-2010 Heritage Who's Who of Business Leaders and Professionals registry. Your reported accolades have earned you special recognition in the special Honors section of the registry.

The 2009-2010 edition of the registry will include biographies of the world's most accomplished individuals. Recognition of this kind is an honor shared by thousands of executives and professionals throughout the world each year.

On behalf of the Executive Publisher, we wish you continued success.

Chris Jespersen

Managing Director
The Heritage Who's Who

Thanks Chris, I'll get back to you.  Hopefully I don't miss the registration deadline.  I would hate to not be in the Heritage Who's Who club.  It sounds like a place filled with a lot of really neat and spiffy people.    


Anonymous said…
Hi Jason,

Now I'll bet you didn't get a response. I'm patently not as important as you, because I didn't get invited on to the Honours List, just the ordinary section. The e-mail arrived November 6, but the nominations closed on Oct 30. I wonder if they have a category for late responses (up the back) Maybe next time I'm in NY, i'll go to Bellmore just to see if they really exist.


Bill Munro
Perth, Western Australia

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