1. Why do I always get that tight feeling in my stomach when someone doesn't like something I said or did?
2. Do my daughters understand what I do and why I do it?
3. What is it about Texas Hold 'Em Poker that I love so much and why isn't it called Texas Hold Them Poker?
4. Will I ever write that book that is burgeoning in my heart or will the faceless fear of "only-God-knows-what" scare me off?
5. Why is it so hard for me to affirm my wife verbally and so easy to affirm people in my ministry verbally?
6. What causes my heart to slip into depressive, despondent thoughts so quickly?  Do I struggle with depression or is this just the typical human condition post-fall?
7. From whence did this inordinate desire for deep friendship come?  Is this unnatural or am I in keeping with universal fraternal instincts?
8. When will these raging hormones cease and desist?  They know I will not relent in my convictions, why do they pester me so?
9. Will I ever be a part of a revival?  If I was, would I know it?  Am I a part of one right now and unfortunately I'm looking for something else so I'm missing it?
10. Does anyone else lay in bed at night wondering if there is more than what they are experiencing?
11. Why do I love movies so much?  Is it the alternate reality, the therapy of narrative, the vicarious escape?  What enchants me so?
12. Does my wife feel loved, wanted, pursued, valued and beautified? 
13. What is the next hill that I'm supposed to take, the next rock face I'm supposed to repel, the next gorge I'm supposed to ford?
14. This love for words I possess...what is this for?  Where did this come from and what I'm I to do with it?
15. What am I currently not doing with my daughters that will cost them dearly?
16. What am I currently doing to my daughters that will hurt them deeply?
17. What patterns have I fallen into that I'm not aware that I have and how will I get out of them without knowing that they exist in the first place?
18. Who has God put into my life that I haven't tapped into?
19. Who can I get to disciple me?  
20. How are we going to pay for heat this winter?  Should I be investigating a wood burning stove and where would I put it even if I found one?
21. Should I tear apart the pool in the backyard or try to salvage it?
22. Will I know how to hunt by the time opening day rolls around?  Is this supposed to be instinctive to my masculine nature or is this a learned art form?
23. How can I protect my schedule so that I'm not spread so thin that I tear like a page in my Bible?
24. What areas of bitterness are poisoning my perspective?  What can I do to relieve my compassion fatigue?
25. What recreation could I pursue that would balance out my state of being?
26. What would take our church to the next level and what weaknesses do I have that are putting a lid on my leadership?
27. Should I take the car off the road and ride my scooter until the snow flies to save money?
28. Am I protecting my flock from wolves or am I too scared of wolves that I shy away from conflict?
29. What is stealing my joy away?  How can I move beyond employment to enjoyment?
30. Why is prayer continuing to be the dejected discipline in my faith?  How am I viewing it or engaging it that makes it so listless and lifeless to me?
31. Where do I see myself in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc.?  Am I doing God's will right now?
32. Where have I settled in my life?  How do you know the difference between contentment and complacency?
33. Is the church in its current state the vision God had in mind when he hung on the cross?
34. What has God blessed me with that I'm not thankful for?  How does that sort of discontentment frustrate the heart of God?
35. What was that feeling in my heart last week when I happened upon the public radio station serendipitously and listened to the New York Philharmonic playing something written by Bach?  What is it about that scratchy music over static airwaves that just transports me to another time and another place?
37. Why are marriages under such a furious assault right now?  Am I to do something about it?
38. What grudges am I holding onto that are eating me alive inside?  How can I mend them up?
39. What are my deepest desires?  Am I working toward them or away from them with my life?
40. Have I given up on something prematurely?

These are several questions that fill my mind this day...


Anonymous said…
great questions man- it was nice to meet you at the breathe conference!
roy said…
I am blown away by these wonderful questions that I thought no one else would ask about their own realm. These indicate to others that you are intensely human and deeply engaged with the issues the Lord presents to us.

These are inspiring and courageous and indicative that you have great spiritual depth that can be used by all. You will find the answers because you so bravely ask them!

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