Nothing special...

Last night my offspring (kids) and my springoff (wife) had what we traditionally call a "family meeting". Sometimes these meetings are for the sole purpose of chastising them for sibling malpractice or moral peccadilloes. But sometimes we meet just to recap our existence making sure we aren't losing each other along the way.

It's a time to revisit the past and retell the story to make sure we're on the same page. It gives everyone an opportunity to share their side of the story and to make meaning of their life. I'm always surprised how responsive the girls are to these times in the living room. (we so glibly call it a "living room" these days...I suppose it should be called the "television room" now since very little living happens there anymore. It's more like a staring room.)

I guess I just feel blessed to have a family today. A group of blood relatives to live with and jostle with. A nuclear unit to laugh with and fight with and play with. Someone to play UNO with and watch reruns with and snuggle with. A grouping that isn't with you because you're something special, but loves you simply and simply loves you. This is a treasure beyond compare.

As my daughters retold their stories of days gone by, I basked in the privilege of parenting. I literally soaked in the moment like a starving sponge. Their every word resonated with meaning for some reason, even if what they were sharing was nothing special. Because that's what being a family is in my opinion, that's the thing that separates it from other relationships...the ability to do "nothing special" and still be loved especially.

I'm reveling in that this morning as I start my work week.


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