Thanking Jesus while Seeking Justice...

Last night Heidi put up a big blow up trampoline contraption in our backyard for the girls. We received it from some friends that didn't use it anymore. It's one of those ones you see rented out for youth events. You climb into it and throw down like your in the UFC! It's a cage match only the cage is netting and blown up, tarp-like fabric. The girls played in it for like an hour.

I was on the back deck doin' my thing, grillin'. "Chillin' like a Villain while Grillin'" as I like to say. I was looking down over my land like Nebuchadnezzar, glorying in my one acre empire. As the aroma of grilled chicken breast wafted across the yard, I got to thinking how good my life is. Laughter echoed off the back woods as the girls giggled with glee. Now, I'm not saying there wasn't an occasional fight due to the the glaring depravity that still resides in my little angels, but all in all it was a "nirvanaic" night for the most part. The sun was just settling behind the woods, sending "disco ball-like dots" across the yard and onto the backside of our house. The blowing tree branches only made the display more brilliant. The grass gave off a pungent smell reminiscent of my childhood when dreams of "summer little league" began to fill my mind. Everything about the night felt glorious.

We had dinner outside with Dave VanKeulen talking about meaningful things and trivial things all at the same time. The food was delectable. The conversation eternal. The weather celestial. Again, I paused to take in the beauty and bounty of my life. I'm so undeserving. God is so full of mercy on me.

As the night drew to a close and I laid my head down to sleep, I was kept up in part by this nagging feeling of injustice. Why me? Why not someone else? Why am I living in such blessing while others are living in abject poverty or scarcity and misery? It makes it hard for me to enjoy my life when I know so many others are hurting so badly, and yet, I want to live a grateful life back to God for his favor.

So I'm caught in between two worlds that I must hold onto concurrently. Thanking Jesus and Seeking Justice. I cannot let go of either of these realities today. I can't let go of one without jeopardizing both. "To do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly" Micah 6:8


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