A few more of my favorite things...

Things that I love:

Watching my daughters as they sleep just before I go to bed.

Going to the movies with my wife...like we are going to do tonight!

Happening upon a random river while walking leisurely with my family on a bike path.

Listening to water slap and slurp as the stream's current pushes it over and around rocks.

Watching robins furiously mate in my front yard as I walk out my front door in the morning.

Looking at the tire swing hanging there motionless waiting to be mounted by my daughters.

Playing on the trampoline with my girls.

Making my wife laugh with a brilliant play on words that catches her off guard.

Living in a community where restaurants feature Frog Leg entrées.

Taking Aly to the Backwater cafe' and sharing a Big Breakfast with her.

Listening to Taylor read 4th grade books struggling to pronounce words like "gnat".

Smelling the rain evaporate off the blacktop.

Sitting around a campfire with my friends talking about literature.

Listening to NPR and closing my eyes while stopped at a traffic light taking in the sounds.

Dreaming about things that don't yet exist as if they did.


The fact that my girls still don't mind being naked around me. (innocence)

Watching ducks land in the river with a violent furry.

Riding my scooter home from work and feeling the breeze blow my peach fuzz arm hair.

Smelling the cherry smoke the wafts across my path from a nearby pipe.

Joining my wife as she orchestrates a way for a single mom to get beds for her kids to sleep on.

Watching American Idol with my daughters draped on my lap like loose blankets.

Writing messages from God for people. This is a privilege of the highest honor.

Giving away money to people who are really in need.

Sipping in a moment like fine wine and letting it hit my soul's taste buds with explosive wonder.

These are a few of my favorite things...


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