Tay's first writing...'a little bit of daddy in my eye'.

Taylor wrote her first story this past week. There are several raptures that fill my soul concerning this "writing" discipline she is exploring that I believe in so deeply. But more than anything, I just love looking at life through her eyes and hearing her little heart being expressed in the broken language of a toddler. I feel God's heart beating in her words. I see God playing in the sandbox of life and making new things with little buckets and shovels. I hear God's voice and it has the tone of a nasally 7 year old sharing a story with flared nostrils and overexcited stutters.

Here is the story she wrote:

"i am taylor and I have a little daddy in my eye. i have a little brown in it from my dad. one day we found it in my eye. sometimes I say "daddy, look in my eye and right away he says, 'yep, there it is a little brown from me'. it is a little fun having a little daddy in my eye. i have a lot of mommy in my eye. i am writing in the van my first story ever. 7 years old. i have blue eyes and my mom and my sister aly do, too. kami and my dad have brown eyes."

Heidi has blue eyes. I have brown eyes. Taylor has blue eyes with a little fleck of brown in her right eye. This is what she means when she says, "I have a little daddy in my eye". What a powerful way of saying something so simple.

There are days when God grabs you by the cheeks, turns your face toward His and says, "Hey, listen to me. You have a very good life. Enjoy that thought today." I feel like He's done that again through my daughter in this moment.

'a little bit of daddy in my eye'...

thanks, Tay, for your tender little soul.

I love you, princess.


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