As close as I get to New Year's Resolutions...

Things I'm pointing my life toward in 2012:

1. Adopting 2 boys from Ethiopia...boys that will become my sons. (the Sons of Thunder)
2. Doing a "right of passage" for Kami when she turns 13. (Purity Ring & Purity Sword combo)
3. Going on a date every week with my wife to a different place. (52 surprises!)
4. Waking up every morning and saying this prayer: "I'm yours, use me." (daily communion)
5. Getting into an exercise regimen that is consistent. (holistic health matters)
6. Leading Impact toward deeper faith and greater fruit. (God-sized dreams)
7. Reading more books and blogs about entrepreneurial leadership. (create the future)
8. Hanging out in the foxhole with good friends. (C.S. Lewis called them 'golden sessions'.)
9. Reading through the New Testament with the Christ-followers at Impact. (story intake)
10. Partnering with a local church in Swaziland and supporting their cause. (global mindset)
11. Being sensitive to sin without being overly-conscious of it. (mastery of the flesh)
12. Going to more good movies to keep my story-starved heart alive. (the universal language)
13. Planning a daddy-daughter date each month with each of my offspring. (stopping time)
14. Writing two children's books called "Pokey the Porcupine." & "Daddy Daughter Dance."
15. Finding a prayer closet and locking myself in it each day to seek God's face. (face time)
16. Affirming the Impact Leadership Team with words and actions. (fueling the Dream Team)
17. Writing more and talking less. (distilling thoughts)
18. Mentoring artists into modern-day Levites. (Artists bring meaning to truth.)
19. Finding a community mission for our family and giving our money and lives to it. (love.)
20. Loving people instead of pleasing people. (small adjustment that makes a big difference)


This is such a great list Jason! I LOVE it : ) I don't think I knew you had a blog. I just saw your little post on facebook. So nice to read this list. Congratulations about the sons from Ethiopia! So exciting : ) Wishing you and your beautiful family a very happy new year. Take care, Becky Leatherman : )

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