Daddy/Daughter Dance with Taylor (poem)...

The First Guy

On a blustering evening

in the month of December,

I danced with my baby

On a night to remember.

It wasn’t the first time

I’d dressed for a ball,

Cause I have other daughters,

In fact, three in all.

But every one’s special

In a way all her own,

Cause each girl’s different

When you get them alone.

This night was Taylor’s,

The runt of the litter,

The last of the darlings

which is sweet, and yet bitter.

This was the last

Daddy/daughter dance fling,

Where we dressed up

To wiggle and giggle and sing.

She kept her dress hidden

In the back of her closet,

I wish I could take

Her excitement and pause it.

There's something about

Little girls in cute dresses,

That grabs your cold heart

and thaws while it blesses.

I waited impatient

For her to come down,

As the princess in curls

All wrapped in her gown.

And low and behold

With a smirk on her face,

She descended the staircase,

Head titled with grace.

She looked at my eyes

Awaiting my stare,

I stood breathlessly

Gasping for air.

She glided to hug me

And asked with her eyes,

“Am I beautiful, daddy?”

That look never lies.

We hugged for a moment,

Made our way to the door,

This was plenty enough,

But, alas, there was more.

We headed for dinner,

She held my big hand,

We talked about dancing

And the night we had planned.

We ate Chinese food

In a booth fit for two,

We talked and we mingled,

Our hearts stuck like glue.

We left after dinner

and set out for the dance,

the passenger seat

held a girl in a trance.

She stared out the window

With dreams in her eyes,

Living the night

Before it arrived.

Cafetorium space

Was turned into a ball,

Decorations of royalty

Filled every hall.

We hung up her coat

she grabbed on my hand,

This moment is special,

You just don’t understand.

You’re not in a school

With a Deejay and punch,

There are no boys or drool,

This is not merely lunch.

In her mind it’s fantasy

Played out in real life,

You are not just a daddy,

You are now her white knight.

As we spun and we twirled

I soaked in each moment,

Wrapping my eyes around

Her like a garment.

She climbed on my shoes

For every slow dance,

Getting some practice

For her future romance.

On one of the slow songs,

She laid on my shoulder,

My mind raced ahead

And imagined her older.

Dancing with someone

Quite other than me,

My time as her man,

Would become history.

But for now I’m the one

She looks to for love,

And I am her hero

When push comes to shove.

And no boy will ever

Know this girl like I,

Cause I am her daddy,

That makes me the first guy.

I love you, Taylor Hope Lena.


consumed1 said…
Anonymous said…
Every man should know how to treasure their daughter like this...
Anonymous said…
Wow what a great poem. Thanks for sharing this memory. My "date" is 18 now, and called me one night a while ago just to tell me I'll always be her number one guy. Even though i know its not exactly true, brings a tear to this old dude. Youre very blessed indeed.
Rachel said…
This is so beautiful. I look forward to moments like this that Chris and Ainsley get to share!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful memory of a treasured moment. Makes me wonder if my daddy ever thought of me that way
Neal Gaylor said…
That is amazing. Makes me wish I was a daddy!
Anonymous said…
WOW...probably the most beautiful poem I've ever read. Tears in the eyes!

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