The adoption is so close I can almost taste it...

The world is about to change.  Maybe not your world, but definitely our world.  Our boys are our there and I feel strongly that we are nearing their arrival.

Mind you, we haven't gotten the call of referral from our adoption agency, but I can feel something inside preparing for their entry into our lives.  A shift that opens up soul space.  A birth pang of sorts that creates contractions of urgency.  Foretastes of what has yet to happen are pestering may palate.  Have you ever heard someone say, It's so close I can almost taste it?  Yeah, that.

I know they are breathing on this planet right now.  It's not like they are yet to be born, they are born.  They are very much in this world, but not yet ours.  They are alive, but my fear is they aren't alive and well.  They are with someone, but they are not with their parents, their family, their home.  I wonder if they can almost taste it, too?  I wonder if they can feel the soul shift occurring in their little hearts way over there in Ethiopia?  I pray so.

I hope God is opening up space in their hearts for us.  I hope he is preparing their little spirits to merge with ours.  God must be the grafter and gardener.  He must be the crafter and dovetailer.  He must be the advocate, mediator and ambassador...speaking to them for us, speaking to us for them.  He is the "go between", the matchmaker.  He is the one arranging this marriage of lives.  He knows them right now.  He knows us right now.  I wonder if He is dying to introduce us to each other?  I wonder if He's chomping at the bit to "orchestrate the encounter"?  I have to imagine He's coordinating the details as I write.  But it just feels like it's a coordination in the clouds.

I wish it would come to earth.  Be real.  That our faith would become sight.  That our prayers and dreams would become flesh and blood.  If Jesus came in the "fulness of time", I pray that same fulness of time for our adoption.  It seems ripe in my heart.  It seems right in our home.

I feel like time couldn't be fuller.  Like a drop of mercury we hang on that moment when we get the call to go get our children.  I wonder if it's the same feeling Jesus has as he waits for His Father to give him the "go ahead" to get his children.  No wonder that moment is called the rapture....because that is what fills every fiber of your being.  Rapture unspeakable.

So I say concurrently...

Lord Jesus, come quickly.
Joshua and Caleb, come quickly.

Waiting for the rapture today.


Ryan Fry said…
I feel you buddy. You guys are the chosen leaders for these young ones. God has prepared you for a long time for what is to come. I thank God for people like you who are willing to step up and stand in the gap. You are heroes. Peace.
Anonymous said…
Praying for you, Heidi the girls and boys today! Thanks for sharing about this exciting time... we sponsor a little boy in Ethopia so our hearts are there as well...frequently wondering about and praying for his life...please keep us posted!

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