the attack continues - part 2...

Last night I returned home from work ready to hit the ground running. On my way home I chanted a mantra in my head, "Tonight, I will be amazing. Tonight, I will be amazing. Tonight, I will be amazing." The windows were rolled down, the sun was brilliant, the evening was poised for amazement.

It only took about 30 minutes to realize that my grandiose and lofty dreams were about to be trashed. Heidi was leaving for a meeting and right after she left, Taylor started to cry while holding her right ear. I thought to myself, "No...not an earache!" Sure enough, after 15 minutes of incessant wailing, I called Heidi and told her the wonderful news. She called the doctor and got a prescription called into the pharmacy. Through the screams, I dressed the kids and packed them into the family van to head to the pharmacy for the antibiotic. We got there and had to wait in the parking lot for 15 minutes while they filled the prescription. I sighed the sigh of a father disappointed and deflated. I so much wanted to have the "Focus on the Family" night of all nights with my family only to be thwarted and stifled by the middle ear of my daughter.

We got home and I gave her the medicine (bubble gum flavored). I tried to salvage some spirit in the evening, but I'm not sure I succeeded. The only creative parenting that happened that night was a conspiracy I orchestrated with Kami to fake like she was sleeping until the others were out cold, so that we could watch American Idol together. When I told her of my scheme, she smiled with delight and gave me a high five. She sat in my lap and we watched A.I. together while eating pickles.

The thing that makes Kami and I so tight is our affinity to drink the pickle juice once we've polished off some kosher baby dills. We passed the glass jar back and forth sipping the dill flavored vinegar until she drank the last drop. We consumed at least 4 onces of pickle juice together. These are memories that I can't afford to pass up. I have to press through the crap to get to these precious experiences...I just have to.

So here is me raising a glass of pickle juice to all of you saying with glee, "Here's to sitting with your children late into the night watching Amercan Idol and loving every minute of it."


Jim said…
I'd say you freaks...but I think you already know that you are. Man are your girls lucky to have a dad like you.
Pokey said…
Pickle juice, huh? You know... we have tons of pickel juice at work. Sometimes we use it to make the grills shine, but maybe I should start saving it for you... :o)

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