suprising beauty...

Have you beheld the sunrise
peeking over trees?
The colors of its countenence
bring me to my knees.

Its rays of hope come from above
reflecting on the river,
sparkling, dancing diamonds move
and life takes on a shimmer.

The trees are frist to see the shafts
of light that pierce the morn,
announcing to the sleeping world
the veil of night's been torn.

The echo of another day
rings in every ear,
wiping all our tears away
healing every fear.

The presence of the mighty sun
sheds abroad a light,
promising to guide you through
the darkest, coldest night.

For dark is life when light is gone,
and black the beating heart,
sitting in the shadowed death
waiting for a spark.

It only takes one ray of hope
to loosen midnights chains,
freeing all that's bound inside
till nought but life remains.


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