Coffee, Bachlors, and 80's music...

I'm reclining in a coffee shop in downtown Lowell. They are playing 80's music, exlusively. I'm in heaven. Right this very instant U2 is singing With or Without You...can you hear it? I'm sporting flip-flops due to the 65 degree temps outside. The sun is beaming through the windowpanes reflecting off the hardwood floor. I can see the dust floating in the air looking for a place to alight itself.

Patrons come and go. Coming thirsty, leaving thankful. I can't believe how good coffee makes people feel. The buzz of the bean cannot be overstated. It sustains people like a good friend. In years past, a dog was a man's best friend, no more. Coffee is the new companion.

There is something about little pubs and coffee shops that lift a shroud that envelopes my heart. I can relax. Breathe freely. Think clearly. Read deeply. Rest my faculties. Refresh my senses.

My wife is away with the girls for the next couple nights. I'm a bachlor. I have no plans, no deadlines, no responsibilities. I'm free. Free, I tell you. I can go sing karaoke at a local dive. I can climb a tree in my backyard. I can run around the house in my underwear and eat ice cream out of the box. I can flex my muscles in the bathroom mirror. I can eat raw hot dogs without my wife's hairy eyeball condemning me. I can sleep sideways on our bed. I can sing Chicago's greatest hits in the shower. I can scratch my lint-laden navel while watching The Antique Roadshow. I can pick my nose with my thumb without looking over my shoulder. (it isn't picking your nose if you don't use your index finger) I don't have to wear deodorant. I can wear my undies three days in a row. (my wife prohibits the wearing of underwear for more than 24 hours) I can watch Texas Hold 'Em (since it's on about every other channel these days) I can pretend I'm a lonely, single guy pining for companionship. And then when my wife comes home we can pretend we just met, fell hopelessly in love with each other, and eloped on the spur of the moment because we couldn't resist each other. That's always fun.

The fact of the matter is that I hate being alone. I try to talk myself into enjoying these sabatticals from family, but alas, I am a sucker for my wife and kids. They are my very heart, my life and my reason for carrying on with passion. I will miss them.

But for now, I'll lean into my coffee for solace and let the music of the 80's do it's thang.

Oh, boy..."Pour some sugar on me" just hit the coffee even likes to sing along with this one.


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