How Great is our God - Easter rewrite

I know, I'm a dork. I love this song and rewrote it for Christmas, and now Easter rolls around and I've tampered with it once again. I don't even know if it's legal. I should check into that. But for those of you out there still looking for songs to do for Easter, maybe this will come in handy. For the rest of your that think I need to get a life, I couldn't agree with you more.


How Great is Our God
Music by: Chris Tomlin -- Lyrics by: Jason Holdridge

C Am
Our Savior came to earth, to break the fall’s dark curse
And bring us back to life,
And bring us back to life.

C Am
He wrapped Himself in flesh, befriending brokenness
The Kingdom was alive,
His Kingdom was alive…

C Am
How Great is our God, sing with me, How Great is our God
And all will see, How great, How great is our God.

C Am
The Friend of Sinners died, and Hope was crucified
Redemption’s blood grew cold
Redemption’s blood grew cold.

C Am
But death could not keep down this God within the ground
The stone would never hold,
No stone could ever hold…

You’re the God who saved the day,
When You rose up from the grave,
So my heart must say, “How great is our God!”


Ty said…
I've always enjoyed your rewrites! I hope its not illegal b/c we still use some of the ones from our days in Ohio out here in AZ! Keep Rewriting!
Jody said…
I, too, like what you have done with this song. Where it gets tricky for me is when people take my favorite "old hymns" and change up the tunes. I love some those melodies...and I'm trying to pass some of them on to my own kids! It's tough because they seem to be absent from so many churches nowadays. But to change the words and create new meaning...I personally like that. Hope you had a wonderful Easter service. I would have loved to sing the old "He Arose" hymn in mine. Still, I am glad we had "Christ the Lord is Risen Today"...those alleluah's just make it 'seem more like Easter' to me. So is the life of a pastor's kid, I suppose...I just love the hymns. And now the worship songs of today too!
Kate McDonald said…

its been awhile since you posted- how are you?

i went into labor this morning -45 days early- but it stopped...its been crazy.

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