church planting...

I love church planting for alot of reasons...

- The unstructured structure.
- The turning over of a new leaf feel.
- The opportunity to start from scratch.
- The broken people that are attracted by the droves.
- The reckless nature of living for the future because their is little past history.
- The opportunity for fresh blood to get involved and take high stakes ownership.
- The joy of teaching people who are hungry for something different from the norm.
- The fueling nature of seeing people's eyes opened to Jesus' love.
- The relaxed nature of the coffee shop atmosphere.
- The laughter, the crying, the shouting, the joking, the gritty reality of being human.
- The baptisms that always surface how amazing it is to be rescued and salvaged by God.
- The embracing of risk as a normative behavior for a Christ-follower. A life of true faith.
- The appreciation of artistry and imagination as a conduit for truth.
- The desire to reach unchurched and dechurched people is palpable.
- The heart for those who aren't already a part of the community of faith.
- The understanding that the church is the most natural place to be real.
- The experimental and experiential nature of trying to jumpstart an young church.
- The gut-level honesty of leadership to join the people in the journey of discovery.
- The community I feel with those who are panting for something different, something more.

These are just a few reasons I love church planting. I've only been at it for a few years now, but with every month, I'm learning new reasons to love this particular labor of love. If the local church is the hope of the world (as stated by Bill Hybels), then I think church planting is the hope of the church. Offspring.'s about being a part of the reproductive offspring of the church Jesus died for...I love being offspring...and I hope to "spring off" that by creating something worth reproducing for the generations that are yet to come.


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