man, I'm ready for a vacation....

It just hit me today how much I need a get away. My body and soul are ready to find refreshment away from the day to day duties of my life. I've had a particularly long day today, and it's my birthday of all days. I feel brittle, stretched out and thin of heart. It's like I've been the rope in tug-o-war and I'm about to snap.

We're heading to my parents house this Sunday and spending a week there. I'm looking forward to killing time at the house where I grew up. For some reason, I sleep better there. The garden is rich with food and the blueberries should be ripe for the pickin'. I love riding the tractor into the woods with my girls and showing them the old trails I used to romp around on when I was a boy. I love seeing the cabin I built with my buddy, and revisiting places that meant alot to me growing up. "The olden days" as Aly calls them. I guess that's what they are with every year that goes by. Olden.

I need to not think about my job for a week. I really feel I need to seperate myself from the weight of the world for a little bit and concentrate on my family exclusively. Too many things have happened lately to make me feel jaded. I'm sagging under the pressure of people. So many people feeling so many things about so many things. For the first time in a couple months I'm not feeling up to the challenge of carrying it. I guess everyone has a breaking point. My threshold was crossed a couple days ago.

I have much to be thankful for to be sure. God is doing some amazing things in me and around me. I must remember that in these times when my view is clouded with overwhelming depravity. So even when my stomach is in knots over how out of control my life feels today, most of that tension is simply my puny perspective not letting the light of God's vision to fill my view. I hope this vacation lifts some burdens off this back of mine.


Ty said…
I am totally where you are right now. Thanks for writing this. Its encouraging to know I am not the only one who gets to these points. I head to Ohio for vacation Wed. and I can't wait to get away and not think about ministry for a while!

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