a free will Thursday...

Well, it's Thursday again, my day off from work, my day on at home.

I put up some blinds.
I mowed the backyard.
I took some books back to the library.
I read some new books to the girls at the coffee shop.
I watched some DVR'd poker tournaments.
I took Kami to get fitted for orthodics.
I cleaned the kitchen.
I cooked an amazing lunch...chicken, potatoes, and peas.
I cleaned out the plug in the bathroom sink.
I wrote a couple emails.
I checked out the new Impact Church podcast...we're a part of the 21st Century.


I felt lonely for some reason.
I found myself lost in random thoughts.
I can't shake the feeling of fatigue and futility.
I wonder if I'm accomplishing much some days.
I hit these walls sometimes on my days off...it's like slowing down gives me time to think.
I'm just giving myself a chance to be human today...to muse and mourn, think and thank, wonder and wish, rest and wrestle.

I like being human...even if all the emotions aren't to my liking. Free will lets me roam in and out of consciousness quite nicely...


Anonymous said…
I'd take your Thursday over mine any day... I worked all day. See you tonight :o)

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