chillin in Florida...

that's right...Heidi and I are hanging out together in Florida for 5 days...our church sent us to a's been fun so far and we've been here less than a day. We took a walk last night and the boulevard that our hotel is on is packed with lights and life...all kinds of things to do...all kinds of places to go...all kinds of food to consume. Not a very good time to start my vegetarian diet.

That's right...I'm going to try to stay away from meats for a while...I really want to eat just fruits and vegies for the next month and see what that will do for my energy level. I've been eating like a sow for too long and my body doesn't seem to shed the caleries like it used to. I remember eating two medium pizza's in high school without so much as a burp afterward. My stomach was flat, now it's flabby. My love handles were taut and sleek, now they are pert-near back-boobs! My chest was defined and cut, now it is hanging there like moss on these trees down here. I used to only have one chin. I remember seeing my triceps bulging ever so discreetly from under my shirt...I know they're still there, but I haven't seen them in quite some time. I remember being able to tighten my abs and see a mogel-field of I have a large bagel looking pot surrounding my navel. I played basketball a couple weeks ago and literally felt like gout attacked my feet for three thighs were burning and my calves were crying for mercy. I can see some pudge in my face-cheeks as well as my butt-cheeks that wasn't there just years ago. My body feels old and slothful. It's time to get back into shape.

I have had salads the last two days...I'm trying to cut back on the dressing as much as I can without dry heaving. (no...seriously, I love vegatables and it's not that bad!) But honestly I'm a meat machine. I can consume large portions of cow, pig, or chicken without chewing. I love New York Strip especially. So removing meat from my personal menu is like trying not to go to the bathroom for days at a time. We were walking past restaurants last night and just the smell of grilled meat was starting to make my mouth salivate more fluid than I could swallow. I was literally licking my lips like a dog. The smell was making it hard for me to concentrate on anything else but steak...thick, long slabs of juicy mouth-watering animal flesh! I can feel that reflex kicking in even as I write this.

Along with the diet I'm attempting, I'm going to start excercizing several times a week as well. It's hard to imagine that I once was chosen as a college soccer All-American. The vestiges of those years are hard to see. I used to run like a gazelle and jump like a antelope. I remember feeling invinsible, undaunted, and undefeatable. But these days, I slouch back in this chair I'm sitting in and dream of those periods of my life when I walked without strain and ran without pain. I want to get back to those days, if my body will let me. My knees are paying me back for all the athletic stress of my I'm going to see if I can plea-bargain with them for 8 more years of energy and body-bliss. My knees will ultimately have the final say.

Well, the Church Planters conferenced is starting in a few minutes. I'm looking forward to meeting some kindred spirits who want to thinking freshly about the church...


pianoman said…
will comment soon, but in the meanwhile, may i invite you to i'm undertaking a journey w/ a few friends, one whom you may recall from your days in B-town.

hope you can make it,


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