the edge...

Most people are living on the edge of meltdown. They have learned brilliant coping mechanisms to help them mask this reality, but if you cut through the'll find a soul hanging by a couple threads, denial and wishful thinking.

They don't want to live this way, they really want to feel strength surging through their veins, hope bolstering them against the torrents of a typical day at the office, and love covering the multitude of sins they are swimming in or around. But for the most part, humanity is dwelling on the brink, on the cusp of depression or resignation.

Mind you, they don't look like it. They smile and look every bit like victors in this battle of life. But I'm blown away with what's going on under the hood of most of these fast movers. The dash board is blinking with all kinds of check engine lights and low fuel indicators...but it's like they've become immune to these soul reminders. What am I talking about..."they" I'm mister "got-it-together-guy-over-here-on-the-sane-side-of-life"? I truly feel that most human beings are about three consecutive hard things away from complete emotional burnout and breakdown. They are propped up by a couple feeble twigs hoping that life doesn't deal them too much, too fast. I can tell you that when I'm blown over by three issues working concurrently to bring me to my knees, I have a hard time standing. And I'm reading my Bible, praying and meeting with Brothers-in-arms all the time to stay the course. What happens to the ones who are in the trenches without so much as a hint of backup?

When you enounter someone today, don't be decieved by the "Oil of Olay" countenance, and the "Botox" youthfulness, and the "Gilette" smoothness...under the hood, they are just the same as everyone else...fearful, stressed, overwhelmed, doubting, restless, insecure, troubled, addictive, vulnerable, fragile, nervous, angry, broken and lonely. And they need to encounter something real...something of substance...someone altrustic, without pretense. They need someone to look into their eyes staring them down until they break. They need someone asking one more question, staying just one minute longer than everyone else to hear the real answer to..."How are you doing?" They need someone who will shed the shell first and be the relational scapegoat. And really, honestly all they need is someone to give a rip.

People are on the edge...who's going to get out on the edge with them?


DanielSon said…
So true... And it comes out when you get even a hint of honesty to peak through the masquerades we put on... Soon four grown men are crying like scared little boys... Awesome blog buddy, keep em up!

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