A letter I wrote for the Women's Retreat #1...

I've written a couple letters over the years for our women's retreats. They are written from God's perspective. As I've been contemplating the next couple weeks and the messages that I'm going to give on the Man's heart and the Woman's heart...I reread these snippets and thought I would share them with my blog. I don't know, maybe they will strike a chord with someone out there who needs their chord struck something fierce right now.


My Daughter…

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for some time now. It’s finally here.

I’ve been watching you more closely since I knew that you and I would finally get some time to spend together this weekend and I’ve noticed some things.

First thing…you are a very busy person. You are always on the go and even when your body stops moving, your mind is running a mile a minute. It breaks my heart to see you so uptight with guilt and pressure and preoccupation. Sometimes I wish I could just take you by the face and look into your eyes and whisper to you, “It’s going to be alright, Precious.” But you’re a hard person to keep up with, let alone catch. I’ve been chasing you for months now. You wear even me out…and that’s not an easy thing to do.

I’ve also noticed something else that has less to do with a busy life and has more to do with a busy heart. I think sometimes you forget that I can see the unseen, that I can see the traffic jam of congestion that fills your spirit on most days. I was listening in to your inner conversation just this week and I couldn’t believe my ears…my heart broke from your brokenness. I thought I’d speak back to you some of the thoughts that were bouncing around inside of you this last week: “I will never find a good friend.” “No one really knows who I am and what I feel.” “I wish I could change almost everything about my body.” “Why does it look so easy for everyone else?” “I can’t stand her.” “I hate my stinkin’ life right now!” “I wish I wasn’t so irritable and cranky.” “I feel so lonely.” “My husband is a loser.” “Why is everybody so fake?” “I don’t trust a single soul.” “If God is real, why am I the only one that can’t connect with him?”

That last thought just cut me to the quick. I started to tear up and get angry at the same time. Oh, I wasn’t angry at you. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t take on flesh and just come to your rescue, assuring you of my presence with a nice long hug. Believe me, I want to be close to you way more than you want to be close to me…sometimes it’s all I can do to hold myself back from just ripping the veil apart between faith and sight…but I can’t; it has to be this way. It is what I call “faith love” and it is the kind of love the means the most to me. I love feeling this love from you in the times when you’re free enough to offer it. It gives me--what do you call them?--goosebumps. I feel everything inside of me explode with pure life. You make me feel that way.

I guess that’s why I’m like a groom on his wedding day…I can’t wait to be with you away from all the stuff that gets between you and me on most days. I will have you all to myself. I know that sounds selfish, but if you loved me as much as I love you, you would understand the strength of those words. I am sick of not being close to you, literally sick. Sick with longing. Sick with loneliness. Sick with love.

Some people get homesick, I get daughtersick. I love being with my daughters, but not nearly as much as I love being with my daughter. You.

I hope you can relax the next couple days. Let me carry your burdens the next couple days, ok? You just crawl up into my lap like my beautiful little girl and let me hold you, sing to you…

Whisper to you…

“You’re my girl and everything’s going to be alright.”

“Let my love hold you, my precious daughter.”

Oh, I’m so glad you’re finally here. Welcome to my love, My Love.

Your Father…


Anonymous said…
That struck a strong chord in my heart. Thank you so very much for sharing- you have no idea how i feel thereafter.

Thank you! And may God bless you :)

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