The Miscarried Man #3...

“He-art” What does an artistic man look like? How will his artistic mind differ from a woman’s? Will his desires create a distinction that fleshes itself out into an expression that is befitting a masculine soul?

How did David do it? How did he mesh together the worlds of war, music, poetry, leadership, and spirituality? How could he go from war to worship? How could he move from being a killing machine to a skilled artisan? How do you cultivate this warrior-poet keeping both sides in tact? How do you have the mental constitution of a writer and the physical constitution of a warrior? How do you nurture a ro“man”tic side without losing that much-needed logician that lives with marked vision?

How do you become proficient with the harp and the sword? How do you stay tuned in emotionally and logically? How do you shed blood and remain soft? How do you stay vulnerable without losing your backbone? How did David survive the hostility of his life without losing heart? How could he write songs while routing armies? How could he make love one day and make war the next without being consumed with confusion?

How could he lose sleep without losing heart? How did he blend book smarts with street smarts? How did he know the difference between adventures and misadventures? How did he learn the art of conversation and communication? How can you be a both/and man instead of acquiescing to the either/or model of masculinity?

Several questions to ponder as we seek to recover the masculine heart.


Anonymous said…
"What does an artistic man look like? How will his artistic mind differ from a woman’s?"

Why must there be a difference?

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