The Man's Soul...

It’s anything but new news that many men struggle to communicate their desires and disappointments. Women aren’t mind readers, so if the heart of man isn’t exposited and exposed, women will continue to handle it with uneducated ignorance. For too many years man has not been explained well. His explanation is either incomplete or incoherent. And we are in desperate need of better answers than have been offered as it relates to the mysteries of the man’s soul.

I mean, you look at boys and you see something of the lost masculine desire that gets pounded out of a man over time. Where’s did that boyish freedom go? Where’s that unleashed aggression that spews forth naturally. When they are young boys, it isn’t taught; it’s instinctive, inborn. There is an energy, a power, a godly violence about a young man that speaks of God’s design and desire. They have to be told to be careful, because there is something carefree about them. They have to be told to not play too rough, because there is something tough in their touch. They have to be scolded for horseplay time and time again. Their nature is seemingly unruly, because rules are made to be broken; disaster flirted with, death defied, and so on and so forth.

I think they reason so many men go the wrong direction with this aggression is because it is uncalled for in their calling, almost reprimanded. They want to live with unbridled masculinity, but this sort of enthusiasm is curbed and curtailed to fit the familiar and feminine form, the unquestioned norm. It’s tragic and the collateral damage is devastating.

What would happen if men would feel empowered to dance with the vigor they were created to? What if wives would applaud their unique victory dance? I wonder what the man would do quite honestly; I think he would drop dead. So many have to fight for their honor; what if it was just offered without a fight? There’s no telling.

I often wonder if a lot of women aren’t celebrating the desires and personalities of their husbands because they are ashamed with how their own story is turning out. I wonder if they nurse a turtle-waxed misery right under their own seemingly controlled life that causes them to despise the joy of their husbands. I wonder if the success of their man only reminds them of their own failure, so they dis”man”tle him by dissecting his style making him call into question his substance. I wonder if masculine accomplishment rather than making a woman feel secure now makes her feel insecure. I’m not sure these wonderments explain every situation to a “t”, but I would venture to say that they are in the ballpark.

If the women can keep battling her husbands style, it won’t be long before she gets at his substance, making him question his core callings and his designed desires. It neuters his will, making him frustrated that he can’t do things right, especially when he lives from an unadulterated heart. No matter what he does, it doesn’t measure up to the women’s so-called “mature” way of life.

It is this definition of maturity that starts to erode the masculine heart over time. We live in a civilized era that views maturity in terms of quiet confidence, stoic certitude, and measured conduct. Anything outside these parameters is viewed as childish, immature. So whenever someone steps “out of line” ruining the curve, so to speak, they are exposed and corralled. If they continue to persist in their wild ways, they are written off and dismissed as rogue rebels. Yet some of the best leaders in history died with this reputation only to be exonerated with time and historic hindsight.

I think you would be surprised what many men would say if they could maintain a safe anonymity. There are a lot of things bouncing around in men’s minds that I don’t think they ever share for fear of the consequences. If they could be guaranteed immunity, I think a good many men would say that women have fallen short in their treatment of their masculine heart. Some might even say that the platonic companionship of men has far surpassed the romantic companionship of women.

I think there is something deeper going on inside of a man than contemporary culture attributes. They hide hurts. They dismiss desires. They mask masculinity. And they play the part that has been written for them by pop culture, which is a crossbreed of something between a donkey and a doorknob. I don’t need to tell you this isn’t helping anybody.


Anonymous said…
"If the women can keep battling her husbands style, it won’t be long before she gets at his substance, making him question his core callings and his designed desires. "

I think men do the same thing back to women - telling women they are supposed to want to be beautiful and dependent and all the things the church insists are God-made when there is no scripture to back up those thoughts. Everyone - men and women alike - are created as individuals and not to be pushed and shoved into the boxes of gender stereotypes that the church sells.

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