The Miscarried Man #2...

And what is it about men wanting to get naked? Why can’t they just party with their clothes on like everyone else? Why are men so open and raw? Even if it borders on crude and crass, why are men drawn to a less refined, more unedited lifestyle. They don’t like the life of censored passion. They are above all drawn to something real. The more clothed it is and covered up; the more suspicious they are of the merit of it. The more naked and disclosed, the more drawn they are. It’s in their blood.

I think one of the problems in this story is that this was not a kingly thing to do. Royalty didn’t respond to things this way. They kept their composure, they maintained poise and professionalism. Cool, calm and collected. This is how a man in leadership behaved.

Which begs the question, who said? Who set up this behavioral legislation? Since when did propriety and all that is proper become the expectation of the quintessential masculine personality? Why is there such discomfort in transparent, candid leadership? Where did these O.S.‘s (Operating Systems) and M.O.’s (Modes of Operation) originate and begin to disseminate?

It is quite sad that the mass of men have to feel like they are misbehaving when they are dancing their dance. It isn’t long before men put two and two together and start minding their manners, putting their best foot forward, and being on their best behavior. This all sounds wonderful, but under this stringent new “man”agement, the heart of the man starts to atrophy. On the outside, he is pleasant and amiable, but on the inside he is caged lion, declawed and defanged. This isn’t to say that men aren’t to be gentlemen, chivalrous and gallant. But there is a way to call this forth without killing the lion.

“That’s inappropriate.”

“Why do you have to do that?”

“That’s uncouth.”

“That’s taboo.”

When you continually call into question the man's style, it won't be long before you get at his substance.


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