The Miscarried Man #5...

2 Samuel 1:26 - I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women.

There are probably several things that could be deduced from this text that could explain David’s break-down-admittance that Jonathan’s love was better than that of women. But no matter how it's interpreted, I don’t know many wives that could hear something like that without responding with either cold contempt or heated hatred.

You don’t find many men who would say something like this, let alone put it down in writing for posterity. But I think you would be surprised how many men would write something like this if they could maintain a safe anonymity. There are a lot of things bouncing around in men’s minds that I don’t think they ever share for fear of the consequences. If they could be guaranteed immunity, I think a good many men would say that women have, quite frankly, been complicated and confusing to say the least, and have fallen short in their treatment of their man’s heart. Some might even say that the platonic companionship of men has far surpassed the romantic companionship of women.

But I find this openness quite perplexing. I think David’s heart was misunderstood by the vast majority, both men and women. He was continually writing about it in the Psalms, pouring out his heart like a victim of the most horrible misunderstanding ever recorded. He repeatedly was running from bloodthirsty men, working through the abandonment of his so-called friends, and nursing the rejection of his own family. Time and time again he cries out with the angst of a latchkey kid trying to find a place to call home. "You've turned my glory into shame!"

It appears that Jonathan hold the keys to his heart. He knew and loved him deeply. He understood him and vouched for his credibility. David, I’m sure, second-guessed his decision to write this revelation in the text knowing that it would unveil a deep-seeded issue that he had with women. The question is, “What made him say such a thing and what did he feel was lacking in marriage that he found in masculine friendship?” I wonder if the answer to this could catalyze a conversation between husbands and wives that would lead to deeper mutual understanding?

“The thoughts of a man’s heart are deep waters and a man of understanding draws them out.” – Proverbs.


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