The Eve of Reading the New Testament with the rest of Impact...

Our church is beginning and 13 week journey tomorrow morning that will conclude the week before Easter.  Over 500+ New Testaments have been purchased and we ran out of all of our Bibles and daily journals.  Hopefully we will have more in the office early this week so that people who weren't able to get one can stop in a pick one up.

I'm nervous to do this, but I feel like I want to write one blog each day that concentrates on my reading that day.  This commitment hopefully will deepen my experience and as well as connect our body together as we "Herd the Turtles" and start this marathon.  Remember, just like the tortoise and the hare, "slow and steady wins the race"!  Little by little (6 pages a day) and before you know it, we will have ingested and digested the whole of the New Testament!  I can't wait to see how this will deepen our body in the coming months.

"Lord, be with our body as we take your very words into our hands and please move them from the paper page to our hungry hearts.  Deepen our community through Life Groups, allow people to connect with each other and with you in ways that bring your Word to life.  When people get tired, or bored, or lazy...stir them out of their stupor and light them up!  Do what you did in Acts when it said the 'Word of God spread in power'!  More than anything, be glorified as you take joy in the pursuit of your people and reward us with a glimpse of you.  Be all over these 13 weeks!  We are expecting great things.  Don't hold yourself back but do what you said you would do in Isaiah 42 and 'cry out and gasp and pant'!  Let us see your passion and feel you power.  We are coming after you, Lord.  Looking forward to seeing you and talking with you tomorrow.  Until then, hover over us.  Amen."

On January 9th the army will convene and advance. we come.



Suzanne said…
Every year my church does a church-wide spiritual challenge. This year that challenge is to read through the New Testament in a year. I love that my church and Impact are starting the year off together!

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