Good Gossip...

Talking about people is, without a doubt, the most powerful transmission of revolutionary movement.  It always has been.

We call it "word of mouth".  In marketing this is what you can only dream will happen when your product hits the streets.  You want people talking about you and what you're doing.  You want the viral spread of sentences that begin with phrases like...

"Have you seen the..."
"You gotta try out..."
"You wouldn't believe the way she..."
"I found it remarkable that he..."
"What I loved about them is..."
"If you're looking for quality you've gotta check out..."
"Make sure you go see..."
"I've never met anyone like them before."

Talking about situations and people is what the gospel means at the core, "good news".  You can't transmit the gospel without talking about the new news of life change and the good things God has done and is doing in mankind.  This is how news spreads.  This is how good spreads.  This is how good news spreads.  This is the quintessential power of the gospel.

So talking about people is essential to the kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.  This is why Paul was constantly "talking up" other churches to other churches.  At the end of his letters he spent time affirming people to other people.  This is godly gossip that unleashes a contagion of community.  We need more of this.

There are several ways to do this, but let me leave you with one today.  I think if we would utilize this phrase at the beginning of sentences in conversation, we would see a growth hormone injected into humanity and Christianity that has become extinct.

Here is the phrase:

"What I love about them is..."

Whenever you're talking to people, make time for "talking up" other people using this pump-primer.  You will be amazed how contagious this kind communication and community is.

"What I love about her is how committed she is to her kids."
"What I love about him is the simple way he approaches life."
"What I love about them is their passion for excellence."

 Give it a whirl today.  Try talking up people using these six words.  Find the good to affirm rather than the bad to expose.  This is Good Gossip.  This is the Gospel.


Nicole said…
I heard you speak about this once at Calstumi and it's a message I've tried to practice and have shared with many people since. I think back then you called it "Holy gossip." As my husband would say, "That's a good word."
Pam said…
Great advice, Jason. :o)

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