A prayer before reading the Bible this week...

A Prayer to Pray before you begin reading God's Word each day this week:

"God of this book in my hands, come to life!  May words jump off the page as your Spirit adds His illuminating color commentary.  Give me the ability to climb into the context roaming about in the towns, streets and homes where the characters are walking.  Let me hear their voices as though I was listening in to their conversations through a thin veil.  Where I am confused by the content, bring clarity.  Where I am losing my way, turn on the lights.  Where I am reading into the Bible, show me my imposition.  Where I am only absorbing what I agree with, give me a spirit of surrender.  Where I am lazy, light a fire under me.  Where I am rushing through, slow me and calm me down.  Where I feel distracted, give me uncommon focus.  I need this Book to be so much more than a book.  I need these Words to be so much more than mere words.  I need this Moment to be so much more than just another moment.  Please introduce yourself to me in brand new ways as well as old familiar ways...with the peace of an old friendship and the curiosity of a budding love affair.  More than anything, I want to know who you really are.  No more "hand-me-downs" or "hear-say".  I want to discover you without a middle man.  No more secondhand information.  Speak for yourself and be yourself with me today.  And where you don't make sense let me embrace your mystery.  I believe you want to say something to me today and I'm all ears.  I come expectant, exceed my expectations. In Jesus name, Amen."


Anonymous said…
May it be as so stated. To Yeshua be great glory!

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