Come, River of God...

Holy Fountain,

overflow and

overthrow my tension,

my pretension,

not to mention my vain

inventions of You.

Who sees through to the true.

where few care to go

to get to know the glow

of my deep heart.

Rushing River

come and rage over my rage

fill every page of my

soul with the Calm that comes

from the palm of your hand

where my nail came to land

as Your Father had planned

before time began.

Healing Stream,

come and clean the places

that scream for revival

where nothing can rival

your glory.

your story.

that shrouds all the gory

that lingers in silence

feeding the violence

that flows in my spirit

I can practically hear it

yelling to harm me

then turning to charm me

away from the river,

the only Life-giver

that seeks to deliver,

this quivering, shivering,

trembling, rambling, rippling

Brook of Jesus, Your Child.

Come, Refreshing River.


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