We need grace...

Wings of Grace

Cover this place

With the shadow of Jesus’ arms

With the echo of Calvary’s charm 

Heralding the call to all to fall 

Back in love with their First Love

Who loved first and awakened

Our thirst for more than

The boring chore of religion.


Son of Grace

Unveil your face

To be seen by the humble

Who tremble and stumble

And stutter and mutter

In the presence of such beauty

The Lamb slain in pain

To rain down love from above.

How can it be?


Whisper of Grace

Fill my ears until tears

Well up in gratitude

At the magnitude of your faithfulness

Shrouding my filthiness.

Raise your voice of mercy

And unearth me from the soil of sin

That I’m buried in which

Seeks to kill me and fill me with me

Instead of you.


Downpour of Grace

Rain down on this place

And find a home in our hearts

That roam in the dark

Trying to cover the scars

With lovers who are

Weak to clean the places that scream

For redemption.

Wash over our hurts,

Recover our hearts,

We need you.


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