Trailer for the movie of my church...

(based on a true story)

Once upon an eternity…

A band of simple folk gathered as one…

They dreamed with the heart of a child

Reaching for nothing short of the miraculous

Their passion was contagious.

Their courage was infectious.

The life of their heart was the heart of their life.

But the heart has its enemies.

And this growing band of dreamers…

Encountered a resistance beyond their wildest imaginings

The hope of their community rested on their bravery in battle

The fate of each heart hung in the balance

The eternal destiny of rested on the courage of this fellowship.

This was a battle they must fight.

This was a battle they must win.

It has always taken the holy rebellion of a humble few

To birth the revolution of the world.

It’s coming soon…

It’s already here…


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