The Four Corners of Truth...

Lately, I've been bombarded with a sect of Christianity coming out of the closet (rather, the woodwork, hahahaha) due to the Spirit-saturated nature of my messages the last few weeks.  I've come to realize that they've been secretly praying for my revival/salvation for quite some time.  I didn't know that this remnant has been so zealous about my conversion to Pentecostal-Power-Pastoring until recently. One woman came up to me after a message and said to me, "I've really enjoyed your ministry the last several years, but it's lacked the Spirit's power, until now."  I thanked her for her intercession on my behalf, but couldn't help feeling somewhat dazed by this hidden restlessness in what can only be described as a latent charismatic disappointment in my leadership over the years.

It got me thinking about Christians.  There are so many, what I call, "Sects in the City".  These birds of a feather flock together and start their own little subculture of Christianity.  They each think they have a corner on the truth, when really they only have one of the four corners of the truth, at least this is my theory.

While talking to someone after one of my messages, I had a thought come to me that I thought was somewhat God inspired.  It really emerged out of a frustration to try to reconcile all these schools of thought that wage war against each other in the name of God.  Even within Impact, there are sects who value their agenda or theology and try to convert others to their mindset.

This was the thought that came to me as I was urging this person in particular to open their mind to the possibility of three others corners that are just as important as their beloved corner.  It went something like this...

There is the Great Commandment, it is one commandment with four expressions.  Love God (One Commandment) with Four expressions (with all your heart, your soul, your mind, your strength).  It's not four things, it's one thing expressed four ways.  This is the logic anyway.

I got to thinking how people posture themselves into one expression and then fight for it, see everything through it, and try to convert others to that position as well.  As I was telling this person about these four expressions, words started to emerge from my mouth to describe these sects.

Here's the Great Commandment Quadrilateral:
1. Artisan - Love with all your HEART
-This person is creative, imaginative, and passionate.
-They tend to love art of all kinds and are drawn to artistic expression.
2. Aesthetic - Love with all your SOUL
-This person is spiritual, emotional, and drawn to nature.
-They tend to be mystical in their faith and are drawn to experiencing God.
3. Academic - Love with all your MIND
-This person is intellectual, logical, and contemplative.
-They tend to love studying subject matter and searching for the truth.
4. Activist - Love with all your Strength
-This person is social, political, and justice-oriented.
-They tend to love culture, society, and are drawn to social justice and compassion efforts.

I'm making some of this up while I'm typing, but you get what I'm saying.  Each of these is important, but not as much as all of these.  There is a difference.  Each of these sects exists within the church. They must learn to appreciate each other and grow toward the fringes of whatever their particular weakness is.  The church has too long been living apart from each other, it is time to become a part of each other.


Ginger said…
This reminds me of a book a friend told me about called Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas. Supposedly, he addresses 9 different "temperments" in how people relate to God, i.e. through the senses, social justice, solitude, study, etc. I haven't read the book yet, but I agree that we each experience God in different manners and we need to be able to understand that each aspect is needed in the body of Christ.

I'm excited to see where God is taking you and the vistas He longs to show you. Thanks for sharing!
Devinator said…
Dude, great post. I couldn't agree more. Now, if groups 1, 2, and 4 would just... :D Just kidding.

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