I continue to struggle with the whole idea of "learning".  It seems that it can be the greatest enemy to "loving" at times.  You would think that learning more would translate into loving more...but often times, it only makes it more sterile and mechanical. Pretty soon you don't treat God like a person to be loved, but a subject matter to be learned.


In life, the more I learn about someone, the more there is to love of them.  But I guess I don't even use that term to explain what is really taking place.  I usually say, "The more I get to know them..."  That is what is missing in Christian education...people are learning more about God, but not getting to know him.  Does that make sense?


It's easy to start viewing him through constructs and systems of thoughts instead of as a person wanting true friendship with you.  When that happens, you don't engage in deep worship...rather you get lost in deep thinking.  I don't have to tell you how over-thinking can kill relationships on a human level, all the more so with Jesus.  Yes, we must have correct doctrine in order to know him accurately, but we can't let knowledge replace knowing.


All that to say...I can’t let information to replace intimacy.


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