It's not automatic, or accidental...

The following words call for an active faith family.  The prefix attached to each of these words assumes that someone will take the word that follows the prefix and press it into the heart of another.  It’s exciting to wonder what the church would be like if these words became our lifestyle…hmmm?

Embalm – to make fragrant

Embattle – to fortify and arm

Emblaze – to light up, to set on fire

Embody – to incarnate, to give body to

Embolden – to give courage to

Embosom – to embrace, to cherish, to surround or shelter

Embrace – to clasp in the arms

Employ – to make use of, to call into action

Empower – to authorize, to enable

Enable – to make able, to make possible

Enamor – to fill with love, to captivate

Encamp – to place in the camp

Enchant – to charm greatly, to delight

Encounter – to meet with

Encourage – to give hope, to give heart

Endear – to make dear or beloved

Endow – to provide a talent

Enfold – to wrap up

Engage – to bind oneself to by promise

Enjoy – to make joyful or happy

Enkindle – to make blaze up, to arouse

Enlighten – to give light to the truth, to reveal

Enliven – to make active, vivacious, interesting, cheerful

Ennoble – to give nobility to, to honor

Enrapture – to fill with pleasure and delight

Enrich – to give greater value to, to adorn

Enthrall – to put or hold under strong influence, to fascinate or captivate

Entrust – to turn over to, to assign care of

Envelop – to cover completely, to hide


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