The heart is like a sunken ship - I Peter - pages 351-358

Above all, love one another deeply from the heart because love covers a multitude of sins.  - I Peter

I love this verse.  I love the sentiment of it, but mostly the poetry of how Peter lets this verse roll off his pen onto the parchment.  He was a lover.  A romantic.  No disciple was more affective and emotive.  No apostle put it out there, risked being hurt more.  He lived with such abandon.  It got him into trouble, for sure, but it mostly just made him endearing.

I wrote this little bit several years back.  I've been loved deeply from the heart before.  It feels really good. My faults have been covered, my disgrace erased, my unedited thoughts embraced.  This is the love of God expressed in His altruistic body.

Our hearts are like sunken ships waiting to be discovered at the bottom of the ocean floor. Most don't care to take or make time to venture down below the surface in search for the mystery that lies within. It's very often dark down there, corroded, a figment of what it used to be. And yet it is pregnant with sunken treasure waiting to be discovered and brought to the surface if only someone will plunge deep and stay down there long enough to mine it's contents. I don't know what sinks the heart along the way, but where the ship goes, so goes the treasure. Today, I met with a person who plummeted the depths with me and I with him. We swam through each other's hearts and found the treasures buried deep within.

This has to be what it means to be alive.

A man's heart is like deep waters, and a man of understanding draws it out. - Proverbs

The Bible knows what it's talking about.  The heart is deep.  And only deep love gets deep enough to touch it and taste it.

Thank God for deep love that covers.


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