We've come to the end - Revelation - pages 449-453

This is my last post as it relates to the New Testament Biblica series our church has been studying.  It's been quite a discipline to keep up on it every day.  I'm sure many are tired of my daily posts, and honestly, I'm tired from the journey of disciplining myself to write them each day...but it's been a good thing for me.  If for nothing else, following through on something you set out to do is powerful for the soul.

Revelation ends with the line "Lord Jesus, Come quickly."

John wrote that almost 2000 years ago.  Jesus responds with the promptness of my children at bedtime.  Delayed at best.

But I echo John's heart.  I want Jesus to come and get me.

I want him to rid the world of evil and reign supreme.
I want him to do away with sin and sadness.

I'm tired of gutting it out.  I'm tired of having to fight the good fight of faith.  I'm tired fatigue and futility.  I'm tired of disobedient kids and disappointing people.  I'm tired of my own failure to comply to his righteous desires and my wayward heart.  I'm tired of living by faith, I want my "faith to be sight" as the hymn says.

I want to see him, to touch him and spend time with him (for real).  No more of this "he's with me spiritually speaking" or "he is listening to me spiritually speaking".  I'm sick of doing and saying and being things "spiritual speaking".  I want to see and be seen.  Know and be known.  Talked and be talked to.  Hug and be hugged.  Like it says in I Cor. 13 "...for now we see through a glass darkly but then face to face, and then we shall know him even as we are known by him."  Yeah, what he said.

So if you're not going to come quickly, please come in a way that feels like you're with me in the meantime.  Lord Jesus, come quickly and let me know, sense, trust and love your presence, so that when you really do come, I will recognize you because I've been "longing for your appearing" and "seeing sightings of you" all along, if only by faith.

Thank you for letting me read your precious writing to me, Your Word.  It has undone and redone so many things that needed deconstruction and reconstruction in my life.

But knowing you as long as I have, I expected nothing less.

You are my first love, please come quickly.  I can't wait to see you today in my life.  I can't wait to see you someday after this life.  The important thing is that you come on either side of that veil in a way that keeps my heart close to you.

It's been an honor to love and be loved by you.


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