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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A prayer for the home stretch...


"As I come to the last three weeks of reading the New Covenant and the dreams you lay forth for your church, let me not grow weary.  Show me surprising things.  Make mundane things sparkle.  Cause predictable punchlines to hit a funny bone and worn out verses to put goosebumps on the gospel.  I know you're not tiring of my interaction with you, may I not fall asleep on you.  Watch and Pray.  That is what I hear you saying to me and to our body.  I'm saying to you today that I don't intend to.  If anything, I want these final weeks of reading the New Testament to be the best of days.  I've been pacing myself, but I want to sprint to the finish line.  Help me to make good on my promise."


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