Salvation by Works vs. Working out salvation - I John - pages 409-423

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, ACTION.

You didn’t think we got to where we are
Simply because people prayed or preached, did you?
Not on your life.
The early church didn’t just pray for God to move…
They did.

The book of Acts could have been the book of dreams, ideas or prayers,
But we wouldn’t be here talking about this stuff today, now would we?
Nope, they didn’t stop with last words and best wishes…
They acted so that we could read Acts, not the book of Sermons.

“Dear children,
Let us not only love with words or with tongue,
But with actions and with truth.” - I John 3

Have you noticed that Jesus didn’t go around
Telling people that he would be praying for them?
That’s funny since that appears to be one of the most
common expression among church-goers.
“I’ll be praying for you.”

I wonder if Jesus saw that expression as a crutch
For those who didn’t want to inconvenience themselves with action? 
Believe me when I say that Jesus, of all people,
knew the power of prayer.
So I’m not downplaying intercession.

But it is thought provoking to wonder
why Jesus didn’t utter that phrase as he ministered, isn’t it?
The only time I remember Jesus saying he prayed for someone
Was when he told Peter, “I have prayed for you.”

But never do we see Jesus and his disciples leaving a scene
Waving to the crowd and saying, “You’ll be in our prayers.”
They did something about the need.
They moved toward the mess.
They entered into the ugly.
They acted.

Words leave people wanting.
Tongues, though golden, tarnish with time.
Moving mouths don’t replace moving people.
They never have, they never will.
The call to action has never seen a more desperate hour.

Let our church be active joining the activity of God.


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