Things I'm learning that leaders don't do.

There are things I’m learning that leaders don’t do.

They don’t count beans.  They don’t pad the books.  They don’t spin failure.  They don’t pass the buck or the blame.  They don’t think they know everything.  They don’t fixate on failure.  They don’t pre-live the future or re-live the past. 

They aren’t afraid to make a mistake, they aren’t afraid to admit a mistake, and most importantly, they apologize for their mistake.  They care about the initial motivation and original destination more than current location or appreciation.  They don’t make excuses for incompetence.  They are clear about their expectations of people.  They don’t get angry about a set back. 

They find a reason to celebrate small wins.  They measure success by souls not bodies.  They aren’t afraid to throw themselves under the bus at times in order to protect the vision.  They talk well of other people in their absence.  They trust their instincts while checking their flesh.  They see people in terms of community, not commodity. 

Leaders are beautiful creatures.


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