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I can honestly say that I had no idea what my parent’s did for me in my lifetime until I became a parent myself. Because I don’t remember the first 10 years of my life very well, I tend to base my opinion of my parent’s performance on the years between my 11th and 18th birthdays. How unfair! How rude! I can’t begin to tell you how grossly I underestimated their investment in my life.

I watch Heidi pour her every moment into our children’s hearts and lives and they couldn’t give a rat’s tail about her sacrifice. If fact, it’s an expected norm for them to get waited on hand and foot…stinkin’ kids! Ha. Why just last night she left our house at close to 11:00pm to go to Walmart to get the grocery shopping done. Only the Lord knows when she got home, cause I was sawing logs by the time she climbed into bed. All in know is that I woke up this morning and the kitchen was cleaned up and all the groceries were neatly organized into their rightful places. When did she do that, 2 in the morning?

She stays up with the girls when they can’t sleep, takes them to the hospital at all hours of the night, gives them bubble baths, dresses them, does their hair, cleans up their spills, puts up with their fighting, picks up their scattered toys, cleans the bathrooms, washes the dishes, cleans the laundry, organizes the closets and drawers, takes care of the bills, packs Kami’s lunch for school, feeds Taylor her bottle, holds her when she’s fussy while trying to get lunch ready, reads the girls books, takes them to McDonald’s playland, works out at the YMCA, vacuums the house, makes the beds, and if that wasn’t enough…“She has to take care of me”, which is harder than everything else combined.

Put it this way, if you knew just how much your parents have done for you, you would lay down prostrate before them and worship the ground they walk on. The puke, the poop, the spit, the snot, the screams, the wines, the accidents, the chaos, the breaking of fine china…oh, you have no idea! It’s time you went to Walmart and bought a clue. And after you get a clue, go home and hug your parents thanking them for all the things you never had a clue they did for you.


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