You might be a redneck, I mean church planter...

You might be church plant reaching un- and de-churched people if…

…you can pick out your visitors by simply looking for who is dressed up.

…your staff doesn’t have any offices because they gave them up to the interns.

…after you preach a guy comes up to you and says, “That was some good s&@t!” (happened just this week)

…you're having baptism and a guy from England stands up and says that he wants to be baptized, too, even though he’s never gone to church.  (again happened last week)

…you prepare your messages in random coffee shops throughout the week.

…someone comes up to you and says, “My favorite book of the Bible is Palms.”

…you play “Gorilla beats the Man” in your morning worship service for an ice-breaker.

…people are outside smoking before the service so that they can last for the next hour or so inside.

…you have a guy in your church with a tattoo covering his whole leg from his ankle to his groin.  Scratch that, if more than half of your church has tattoos.

…someone gets saved in the morning and baptized that same day in a nearby lake.


This is the good stuff.  This is what I’ve always dreamed of being a part of.  This is what I am a part of.  Here’s to those who launch out into the dicey deep to rescue the perishing.  Do no grow weary in well doing, my friends.


Kirsten said…
Ja... Thanks for mentioning Gorilla beats the man... Happy Calstumi memories. :)

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