please live...resist the unlived life.

Words unspoken

Leave hearts broken.

Lurching, Searching

Sighing, Crying.

Gifts stay wrapped

In the mind

Waiting to find

The perfect time

To leave the tongue

And find the one

Who’s ears are burning

Who’s heart is yearning

For the voice of life

Like a knife

To cut asunder

The soul that wonders

“Am I alone?”

“Am I known?”

Give the treasure

That fills them with pleasure

Beyond measure.

Linger no longer

You’ll never be stronger

That lie has killed before

And seeks again

To rob your friends

Of what they need

To be freed.

With a quick look around

A soul can be found

Who needs some fresh air

From someone who cares

Will you not speak?

Are you that weak?

Have you lost the will to live?

The church will sleep

Until someone speaks

And takes the risk to give.


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