old journal entries 2003 A.D. ...


My family is the most wonderful gift I’ve been given thus far in life. I’ve been blessed with four lovely ladies to take care of and being gone from them the past couple days made me realize how fortunate I am to belong to them, and they to me.

Kami is growing into a sensitive and tender young lady. She loves getting her hair blow-dried and then flipping it back with her fingers. A few weeks ago we were listening to her new Worship Together cd for kids, and she was closing her eyes and raising her hands in worship. It was precious to see even though she may not have a clue what she’s actually doing.

Aly is ornery. There is never a dull moment when she’s around. This last week, she went #1 in her little potty chair and then poured it into the bathtub. Not exactly the bubble bath we approve of as parents. She loves lip-gloss and she is just getting to the place where there’s enough hair on top of her head to put a barrette in it. She’s a trip.

Taylee has just moved into the double-digit weight class division. She is crying a lot, eating a lot and pooping a lot. That is her blissful life at this point and we are at her mercy. Lucky dog. She is growing more beautiful by the day…I’m so glad we have her.

And last but certainly not least is my dear wife Heidi. She is the best mom I’ve ever seen in action. Her sacrificial love and tireless discipline blows me away. By far, the most attractive thing about her is the fact that she pushes through obstacles to get to Jesus. She is never satisfied to just settle back and coast with God. When she isn’t spending time with him…she’s bothered. When she’s not feeling close to him…she’s discontent. I love her so much…I love all my girls.

Today I’m reminded of my blessings… for they are many indeed. God’s been good.


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