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You should hear my daughters pray.  They are just getting started with cutting their theological teeth and it just busts my gut and touches my heart to hear them discuss thoughts on Jesus and the rudimentary principles of the gospel.

I was praying with my 2 year old, Aly, before bed this last week and she started out her prayer like this... “Dear Jesus, ah sin...ah cross...ah happy...ah heaven...”  My nostrils were flaring with delight as I listened to her close the prayer by praying for every living being she knows on the face of the earth. 

Kami was praying with Heidi the other night and she taught us a proper perspective on the crucifixion and resurrection.  This was her discourse on those events, “Jesus, I don’t like that you died on the cross, but I’m really glad that you came alive again.  And I was thinking about whether you moved the stone or the soldiers moved it, but I’m just really glad that it was moved.”  Me too!

We were praying before lunch a couple weeks ago and it was right after I had to get on the girls for fighting.  Kami thought she would confess her sins while praying for her food.  “Dear heavenly Father, I’m sorry that we were fighting and making you sad.  Please pour out some more of your blood.”

I don’t know what it is about their prayers, but it’s like a workshop in communicating with God every time I listen in on their simple ways of describing everyday occurrences.  God, keep my little boy heart alive!


Lorilee C said…
Jason, This is good stuff! I finally had a chance to listen to your sermon on David and Michal, and it rocked. There's a book there, I really believe. I encourage you to come to Breathe and develop these gifts of yours. If you don't, Cynthia and I shall come over and lasso you and drag you, kicking and screaming! :)

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